Artificial Girls 3

The game comes in two different files and consist of two programs. The blue program (JS_3 Make) is to create a female character or clothing. The orange program (JS_3 Play) is used to load the female and play the game. The player must start using the Make file to create a female character before he can play.

Make mode

In the main tab the player is able to choose what type of clothing the character wears at a specific time of day. The first button at the bottom of the menu in the left hand corner lets you create characters, the second button to the right lets you create clothing. Characters and clothes that are created will be displayed on the list of Characters and the List of clothing. Below the list there are 8 text boxes where the player can add clothing for the female to wear during the day, an alternative day clothing, a night clothing, a sleep attire, a bath attire, a cute attire, an sexy attire, and an erotic attire. The time the player wears which clothing is determined by the gameplay. If the player chooses not to add in clothes, his character will appear nude by default in gameplay.


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