Sexy Beach 3


Sexy Beach 3 (Sexyビーチ3 in Japanese) is the third game in the Sexy Beach series. An expansion was released called Sexy Beach 3 Plus. During development, Illusion specifically chose characters from their roster of characters prior to 2006. They also took fan input into consideration on their website during the development phase. You start on a island with a hotel. There are five girls outside who you are able to date and ultimately you are able to have sex with them.

Compared to the previous Illusion games, the graphics had improvements such as hair no longer clipping with the skin. The backgrounds also feature a lighting engine which renders water reflections and HD terrain. The game is in several layers and can be turned on or off by pressing the numbers 0-9.

Illusion added improvements from their camera in Rapelay. The camera starts by panning around the character, but can be stopped. You can also zoom in and out by using the arrow keys and move on a 2D cartesian plane in front of the character with the right click. The left click allows you to rotate around the character. The camera also features several saved positions which can attained by pressing Q,W,E,R, and T

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